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Stoneware Ring Holder

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Stoneware Eiffel Tower Ring Dish


Add this beautiful ring dish to your Francophile decor. A functional way to organize your rings and to showcase your inner French Girl savoir faire!

Size: 5-¼” Round x 5-¾”H

Weight : 15oz

Color : White with gold electroplating

Stoneware Dachshund Ring Holder, White


Keep your valuable rings organized and beautifully displayed on this adorable dachshund ring holder.

Size: 5” H

Weight : 12oz

Color: White Stoneware

Stoneware Cat Ring Holder


A retro-artistic way to whimsically organize and showcase your favorite rings. A “companion” piece with the dachshund ring holder.

Size: 3-¼”L x 5-¾”H

Weight: 12oz

Color: White

Stoneware Mouse Ring Holder


A charming way to display and organize your special rings. A perfect companion to our cat ring holder, too!  

Size: 4”L x 2-½”H

Weight: 12oz

Color: White, with gold electroplating