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tan·a·ger = A Creative Lifestyle Store.

We have a wide range of fun, unique and cost effective gifts for your holiday shopping! Be the one who gifts that special gift.


Tanager is derived from the beautiful songbird often seen in forests of the West. Known for their brilliant hues, we apply the same colorful approach to our shop.

At Tanager Housewares, we are big on colors. Colors bring energy and brighten up our lives. We believe in making every living space colorful, fun and functional. Colors are our flavors.

Founded in San Marino, California, we have curated a collection of unique housewares, entertaining essentials, and gifts for you and your home as well as your loved ones. 

We pride ourselves on selecting quality goods that are joyful and practical for everyday living. Pop by our office or check back online to see what's new.

Contact us:

145 N Sierra Madre Blvd #6 Pasadena CA 91107

Tel: 626-486-2383

Email: hello@tanagerhousewares.co

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