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Marimekko Tray Stand, Plywood Tray Stand

Marimekko Trays and Tray Stands

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Marimekko Ukkospilvi Plywood Tray

Made of laminated birch plywood, this lightweight tray features the Ukkospilvi pattern. The reverse side of the tray is of a natural plywood colour.

Painted with relaxed brushstrokes, Ukkospilvi (thundercloud) is a geometric grid rhythm that predicts a change in the weather. A master of many different styles and techniques, Fujiwo Ishimoto created countless hit designs for Marimekko over a period of four decades.

Diameter: 18"

Main Material: 100 % birch
Component: 100 % paper
Dishwasher Safe.
Pattern: Ukkospilvi
Pattern Designer: Fujiwo Ishimoto
Designer: Marimekko
Color: dark blue, powder
Country of manufacture: Sweden
Product code: 072200
Color ID: 350
Marimekko Fokus Plywood Tray
Serve with Color. Trays are made of fabric that has been pressed into birch plywood and laminated. They are shatterproof, waterproof, and lightweight. Easy to carry your favorite bites.The tray is water safe and food safe.

Measurements:18" diameter
Main Material: 100 % birch
Component: 100 % paper
Dishwasher Safe.
Pattern: Fokus
Pattern Designer: Anna Danielsson
Designer: Marimekko
Color: black, white
Country of manufacture: Sweden
Product code: 064901
Color ID: 001
Marimekko Tray Stand
This tray stand is made of oak and is compatible with Marimekko’s 18 inch diameter wide plywood trays.
Height: 19 in Width: 19 in
Main Material: oak
Designer: Marimekko
Color: oak
Country of manufacture: Slovenia
Product code: 071556
Color ID: 800

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