Paraati Apron
Pieni Unikko Red Brown
Tiiliskivi Apron
Sirtolapuutarha Pannulappu, marimekko green floral apron
marimekko apron, black floral apron
red unikko aprons, poppy flower apron
Marimekko apron, Sirtolapuutarha Pannulappu
Marimekko apron, black unikko apron
Red unikko apron, Marimekko apron
Marimekko red apron, red floral apron

Marimekko Pieni Unikko Aprons

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Marimekko Aprons

The high quality Marimekko textile has turned some of it's cotton material into the popular deep front pocket apron. With three neckband snap settings, and waist straps for a flattering fit, it fits all sizes too.  For the stylish hostess in her kitchen of good taste, so to speak. Choose from the many popular and tempting Marimekko apron patterns, there are matching oven mitts and potholders to match. These are popular Mother's Day gifts.

100% cotton and machine-washable

Size: 33”L x 32.5” wrap; Weight: 7 oz


Marimekko Pieni Unikko Apron

The iconic, bold poppy pattern that transcends generations! For the fashion icon in the kitchen. A model of “kitchy” fashion (adj.-having to do with the kitchen),YES YOU ARE--never kitschy! Go for it! Practically speaking, this 100% cotton apron has a deep front pocket, three neckband snaps, and waist straps for the most flattering and comfortable fit.

Size: 33”L x 32.5” wrap

Weight: 7 oz

Color: Pink and Red on White / Black and grey on White/ Pink and White on Brown

Marimekko Sirtolapuutarha Pannulappu Apron

Size: 33”L x 32.5” wrap

Weight: 7 oz

Color: Various shade of Teal, Green, Black, and White.


Marimekko Pieni Tiiliskivi Apron
The Tiiliskivi (brick) print was designed by Marimekko’s founder Armi Ratia. The pattern reflects her belief in the simple beauty of everyday life.

Size: 33”L x 32.5” wrap

Main Material: 100 % Cotton

Pattern: Pieni tiiliskivi
Pattern Designer: Armi Ratia
Designer: Marimekko
Color: brown, light blue
Made in: Estonia
Product code: 072174
Color ID: 583
Marimekko Paraati Apron
Stripes have always been essential to the world of Marimekko patterns. Paraati (parade) is a fresh, striped pattern by Fujiwo Ishimoto that depicts the joy of living with alternating stripes of different thickness and four different colors.



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