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Charles Viancin Grape Flexi Chopping Board

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Wouldn’t it be nice if your cutting board, that is often left on the counter, was decorative? Well look no further. This Charles Viancin Flexi Chopping Board delivers. In addition to a beautiful design, it is extra useful with an anti-bacterial surface and a sticky base, after the protector is peeled off. What makes this most useful is that it can be curled to roll off the cut fruit, veggies, or herbs straight into the mixing bowl or pan on the stove. So thin and lightweight, it is easy to store too! Makes a wonderful gift! Coordinate these in your kitchen with a matching apron, potholder, drink covers, and bottle stopper. Gender neutral design--fun for the wine lover! 

Size: 11" x 15" and 8" x 11"

Weight: 13.5 oz and 8.5 oz