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Animals Cork Holder

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Never lose a cork again! Preserve and display your favorite corks. These Twine animal style cork holders are decorative, functional and a perfect addition to any kitchen. 

  • Accommodates up to 120 corks
  • Distressed metal finish
  • Wire finish
  • Traditional French country design
  • Makes a great gift

Whiskers Cat Cork Holder $18.95

Collect and display your favorite sentimental corks, framed inside this whimsical cat. This cat holds up to 40 corks from many celebrations.  Savor your memories and add charm to your bar, bookcase, or shelves. A unique gift for cat lovers!

Size: 6” x 6”

Weight: 9 oz

Color: Brushed bronze

item #4483

Owl Cork Holder $19.95

Collect and display your special-occasion corks framed inside this sturdy and whimsical owl holder. You may like to mark the occasion and date on each cork. This high quality steel holder in brushed bronze can hold up to 60 of your sentimental corks. A perfect gift for any owl collector, too.

Size: 12” x 6.5”

Weight: 12 oz

Color: Brushed bronze

Item #3459

Pink Pig Cork Holder $39.95

Collect and display your prized corks inside this adorable pig.  A functional statement piece for your bar, bookcase, or shelves. You may like to write the special occasion and date on each cork with a Sharpie.

Size:13” x 6”

Weight: 1 lb 3oz

Color: Light pink with a touch of black

Item #3168