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Alessi Fior D'Olio Olive Oil Pourer and Taster

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Alessi Fior D’Olio

Designed by Marta Sansoni

Exquisitely designed for the dinner table or for professional tastings, this olive oil pourer delivers  a small, controlled pour. Additionally, the taster is comfortably lightweight and very elegantly designed. It is a little iconic, mechanical gem for the task of adding the perfect amount of “green gold” to your meal.  Italians consider olive oil to be the staple, or the foundational ingredient of the dish. The pourer slows the oxidation process to a minimum.

Purchase just the pourer (18/20 stainless steel with a polished mirror finish), fits perfectly on most olive oil bottles, or purchase it with the taster as there is no better way to drizzle your favorite olive oil over your bread, salad or pasta. Buon Appetito!

Size:5 cm x 6 cm; Weight: 8 oz