Fwoosh™, the Flying Cat's Color-Changing Kid Umbrella

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Tanager Fwoosh™ Color-Changing Umbrella

Artwork by Archie Tan (11 years old).

It’s raining cats and dogs, what’s your little one to do? Fwoosh to the rescue! This super hero cat will fly overhead with his rocket pack to keep your children dry. His magical powers can also change your child’s blue or green umbrella from the white Fwoosh the flying cats to grey Fwoosh the flying cats when it gets wet. It’s super fun to stay dry with Fwoosh! This umbrella is lightweight with rounded plastic points for your little ones to handle on their own. Easy to raise and lower, too.  Available in two colors: Ocean Green and Rain Blue.

Length: 24” handle to tip (closed)

Diameter 28” 

Weight: 7.5 oz

Shipping Weight: 1lb